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ISSN : 1229-5620(Print)
ISSN : 2288-7652(Online)
Literature and Religion Vol.18 No.2 pp.65-89

이승우의 『한낮의 시선』에 나타난 자아 정체성 탐색 ―아버지와 아들의 관계를 중심으로―

문 용 식

In search of the Identity Described in Lee Seung Woo’s Hannaje Siseon ―With the Special Reference to the Relation between Son and Father―

Yoeng-sik Moon


Lee Seung Woo persistently offers novelistic inquiries about whatis God. His novels have consistently addressed this issue, and themain theme through all his novels has been the absence of father.From his earliest books until the book published in 2009, HannajeSiseon(Mid-day’s Gaze), fathers have been portrayed as either castratedand ostracized or sadistic and pessimistic. In his literary works,protagonists could not resolve the Oedipus complex. In HannajeSiseon, however, the protagonist resolved the complex. This changein his approach toward the Oedipus complex brings up the need tointerpret Hannaje Siseon based on psychoanalytical theories.The purpose of this paper is to read Hannaje Siseon as a storyabout the Real with the special reference to the relationship betweenfather and son. The resolution of the Oedipus complex is deeplyrelated to the restoration of ego-identity, and the process of therestoration could be understood as the story of the self facing thereal.This paper mainly consists of four main parts. First, the paperanalyzes the cause of internal depression the protagonist suffers. Thecause is related to the absence of father, but the protagonist’srealization of the cause plays a positive role in the restoration ofego-identity. Second, Father archetype, which unsettles theprotagonist, will be analyzed. Third, the metaphor about thename-of-the-father will be analyzed to see how the self enters into the symbolic. Fourth, the process of the self interacting with the realwill be analyzed by looking at the act of killing father in theprotagonist’s illusion. The analysis on Hannaje Siseon indicates thatLee Seung Woo intends to show the process of the self finding thesubject in the cultural context where father is absent. In other words,he shows the way of resolving the Oedipus complex to reach thereal.