Membership Guidelines

Membership Guidelines

The Korean Society for Literature and Religion issues its academic journal quarterly every year on Mar. 31, June 30, Sept. 30 and Dec. 31. Everyone interested in the relationship between literature and religion may become a member.

Membership Fees

Annual membership fee of 60,000 won or lifetime membership fee of 500,000 won.Woori Bank 1005-702-735580 (Account Holder: The Korean Society for Literature and Religion)

Send Membership Application

Send membership application to the General Secretary: KIM Chi-Hun ( (82-10-7260-7040)


Send all inquiries to the Secretary of Information: KIM Young-Hee ( (82-10-6472-7337)
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【 Personal Information Handling Guidelines 】
The Korean Society for Literature and Religion (the KSLR hereafter) values your personal information and follows the Korean law of handling personal information. The KSLR informs you how your personal information is used and secured to protect your personal information.

1. Information to be collected for personal information
The KSLR collects minimum amount of personal information necessary for academic conferences and exchange. Even if you do not enter non-mandatory items, you are not restricted to use any of the general service.

[Information to be collected for the membership]
- Mandatory Information: Name (in Chinese Characters), Name (in English), Date of Birth, Sex, Organization (Name of School), Department, Position, Work Address, Work Phone Number, Home Address, Home Phone Number, Mobile Phone Number, Email Address and Academic History.
- Non-mandatory Information: Picture, Work Fax Number

2. Purpose of Collecting Personal Information
The KSLR uses collected personal information for the following purpose: academic conferences, academic exchange, quarterly journal and publications. the KSLR does not use any of the collected information other than the abovementioned purposes. In case of changing the purpose of using personal information, the KSLR will ask your consent.

3. Use of Personal Information and Period of Retention
The personal information of members is destroyed without delay once the purpose of collection and use of the personal information has been accomplished.
- When a member withdraws from the KSLR and demands to dispose one's personal information, one's personal information will be destroyed immediately through irrecoverable methods.

4. Disposal of Personal Information
The personal information of members is destroyed without delay once the purpose of collection and use of the personal information has been accomplished or period of retention is expired.
- Personal information saved in electronic file format will be erased using a technology that does not allow recovery of records.
- Personal information printed on paper will be shredded or incinerated.

5. Rights of Users and Legal Representatives and Methods of Exercising the Rights
The KSLR collects the minimum personal information of legal representatives for users under 14 Users including their name and contact information when children under 14 join the KSLR and it collect their information. Legal representatives of children under 14 can request to view, modify and dispose the personal information of children under 14 at any time.

6. Rights of Users and Methods of Exercising the Rights
Users can request termination of account if do not approve the KSLR's use, collection and processing of personal information for membership and academic research. Users can request to view, modify, suspend and withdraw their own information. When users notify the KSLR in writing or via phone or fax, the KSLR will destroy their personal information without delay. Users' exercising rights may be limited if there is any obligation prescribed by law.

7. Contact Information Officer in Charge of Personal Information
You may file all your complaints with regards to personal information protection in the KSLR to the information officer in charge of protection of personal information.

Name: KIM Young-Hee
Title: Secretary of Information
Affiliation: Chungnam Univ.

8. Securing the Personal Information Protection
All users' personal information is safely protected by security system including firewall. The KSLR restricts handling of the information only to minimum number of authorized personnel who are constantly reminded of the importance of adherence to the privacy policy through technical training conducted frequently. In addition, the KSLR designates a systems administrator handling personal information that stores log information.

9. Obligation to Notify
This personal information handling guideline was established on Dec. 31, 2013 and any addition, deletion or modification of this document will be notified through notification on the homepage at least seven days prior to such revision taking effect.
- Date of notification: Dec. 31, 2013 / Date of implementation: Jan. 1, 2014